PUBG Valentine quotes – For gamers only!πŸ˜‚

You will only understand these pubg valentine quotes only if you play the Player Unknown Battle Grounds game!2 min

pubg valentine quotes, valentine quotes for pubg players

Everybody needs love! Even those people who play games all the time. It may seem like they don’t need to be loved or they don’t need to be shown affection (because they spend all their time playing video games), but they are humans like you and I πŸ˜‚

Actually, most girls prefer to date gamers. A study that was recently done in Netherlands proved that girls enjoy staying at home with their gamer boyfriends and play multiplayer games. “My partner is a gamer and it’s a lot of fun. We play a lot of multiplayer games, but sometimes we play completely different games as well. Just as long as we can play together or against each other.” said one of the girls who was interviewed

Infographic: Girls like to date gamers

PUBG Valentine Quotes – So, here are some few love quotes that you can send to your boyfriend if he is a pubg player. These are also good for for the players who want to send a romantic pubg quote to his girlfriend

pubg valentine quotes, valentine quotes for pubg players
Pans block bullets, Outside the zone is blue, I would kill all 100 players just to have a chicken dinner with you
pubg valentine quotes, valentine quotes for pubg players
I love you 8x more than you can imagine!
I will always protect you like a level 3 helmet
My love to you is as explosive as the red zone

More PUBG Valentine quotes will be added before the valentines day!