Kenyans having a field day making fun of Uganda Police ‘Trycycles’

Some Kenyans have been making fun of Ugandans after seeing the motorcycles with sidecars that their police officers have been riding 1 min

Uganda police trycycles

Have you seen the new motorcycles that Ugandan police officers are riding? They call them ‘trycycles’. Those babies were last used during the world war 1 and 2. Some of the duties assigned to the sidecars involves transporting criminals during court dates

Sidecars are most popular for their use in the greatest wars of this planet. During World War I, the British Army used sidecar motorcycles to increase the mobility of its Vickers machine guns, while German troops used many BMW and Z├╝ndapp sidecar motorcycles during World War II. Some accounts also present their usage in the Belgian and Soviet military service.

Below are some images of the ones that are being used by the good officers in Uganda

uganda police trycycle
A senior police officer is seen enjoying a ride in a sidecar attached to the motorbike

In the image below, a police motorbike is seen speeding down the road with a criminal in the sidecar!

The sidecars will also be used to fight armed robbers and terrorists