Regina Muthoga divorce shocker – Husband says she’s been cheating on him

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Kikuyu gospel singer Regina Wangui Muthoga is being divorced by her Bishop husband Bernard Muthoga for allegedly being “adulterous, cruel and desertion of her matrimonial home for four years”.

Bishop Bernard Muthoga of African Independent Pentecostal Church (AIPCA), Kiriti Nyeri County, has filed a case at a Nyeri Court seeking to divorce his wife and re-known Kikuyu gospel Musician Regina Wangui Muthoga after 17 years of marriage.  He claims that Regina muthoga has  refused to love him and treat him with warmth that a husband requires.

Regina muthoga divorce,  husband, gospel musician

He also claims Regina of the popular “Ii Niwe Aca Tiwe” hit song is irresponsible, neglected him matrimonial needs and directed unkind and cruel words that stripped the priest his self-worth.

The two got married in 2002 and bore three children now aged 9, 15 and 19 years but since 2014 Regina left their home in Lamuria, Kieni, Nyeri County and has been living in Nairobi without an explanation.

Regina muthoga divorce,  husband, gospel musician

According to the court documents seen by Mt. Kenya Journal, the Bishop alleges his wife has become “Adulterous, cruel and deserted her matrimonial home for four years”.

Regina was a low-profile musician until her performance at Nyeri first Governor Nderitu Gachagua burial in March 2017 that popularized her because of exposing her body and her dancing that went against the sorrowful event. Gachagua reportedly loved her hit song.

Regina muthoga divorce,  husband, gospel musician

She has been silent since the divorce case was filed.Efforts to gather more information on this saga led us to the Musician’s Facebook page where she has been expressing mixed reactions.

Despite remaining silent on the divorce case, her Facebook posts Leaves nothing to doubt that everything is not in order. On a certain date she posted; “When God wants to promote you, He uses your enemies. And when the devil wants to destroy you, he use your friends. If it wasn’t because of our friends our enemies wouldn’t know our secrets”.

She added; “In life we need to be more careful about friends, more than enemies. Most rats die with food in their mouths thinking someone is feeding them yet someone is killing them in form of feeding them. There are friends who help you in life so that it will be easy for them to destroy you later”.