Scandal! Prostitute claims Cleophas Malalah owes her money

VIDEO - A Prostitute has claimed that Cleophas Wakhungu Malalah, the senator of Kakamega county owes her money for services rendered 1 min

Cleophas Wakhungu Malalah, prostitute, money

A woman has claimed that Kakamega County senator, Cleophas Wakhungu Malalah, owes her money for services she offered to him last year in May but he refused to pay the whole amount as they had agreed

Tulikubaliana atanilipa elfu kumi kwa shot moja. Nilimpea tatu akanipatia elfu kumi, na amekataa na balance ya 20,000” (we had agreed that he would pay Sh 10,000 per shot. I gave him three shots but he paid ten thousand shillings and he has refused to pay the Sh 20,000 balance)

The woman has also claimed that Hon. Cleophas Wakhungu Malalah did not use protection and she is worried that he might have infected her with a disease .

She is now calling for the government to provide her with security and claims that her life is in danger for exposing the mheshimiwa

Watch the video below