Prophet Owuor predicts his own death

Prophet Owuor Predicts his own death - The leader of Repentance & Holiness ministry has said his death will happen in Jerusalem where he will be assassinated1 min

prophet owuor predicts his own death, jerusalem

Prophet Owuor, the leader of Repentance & Holiness ministry has predicted his own death. Speaking to his his followers, the prophet said that he will be assassinated in Jerusalem by ‘the beast’ after which he will ascend straight to heaven after 3 days

The mighty God of Israel, my father and my friend, he has spoken with me beloved people. He has spoken to me about the time after am done witnessing (prophesying), I will be killed. I will be dead for three days and then he will take me in to heaven. How a tremendous time when I will be assassinated in Israel? How a tremendous time when I will be assassinated in Jerusalem? And people will exchange gifts” says Owuor in clip that has been share online

In another prophesy that was also shared with his followers, Prophet Owuor tells his followers that his time on earth is over and he has seen visions of himself going to heaven to be with the Lord. He claimed that God made him aware of his death and that they would meet in the sky

When he came to talk to me we met in the sky somewhere up there. He spoke about my assassination in Jerusalem and said it will be good. He’s marking the zero countdown to the rapture,” said Owuor in a different address to his followers where he predicted his death.

Listen to the attached video clip below: Dr Prophet Owuor Predicts / prophesies his own death

Audio Recording – Prophet Owuor Predicts His Own Death