Mary Wambui Murder – CCTV Footage shows how she was murdered

New CCTV footage in possession of police officers shows important information on how Mary Wambui was murdered 3 min

mary wambui, cctv, judy wangui, murder, kori karue

New CCTV footage has revealed details that might lead to prosecution of Judy Wangui, the main suspect in the murder of Mary Wambui. Detectives investigating the gruesome murder of Mary Wambui have been piecing together information which might change the whole narrative on how she was murdered.

CCTV videos that were acquired from various locations, including Homeland Hotel along Thika road, and the home of Judy Wangui at Fourways Junction apartments , have shed more light on the case

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Photos that were retrieved from Judy Wangui’s phone hours after the murder have also helped detectives uncover lies and blackmail that may have led to Kori Karue being implicated in the murder of his wife. He is currently in police custody after Judy Wangui said that he was present during his wife’s murder. She even said that Kori hit Wambui’s head with the but of his pistol

The two women had a good relationship

From the CCTV videos and photos, its evident that the two women, though fighting for the same man, enjoyed a cordial relationship. The photo below was taken on Wangui’s phone hours before she killed Mary Wambui

mary wambui, cctv, judy wangui, murder, kori karue

Detectives have also revealed that 0n 26 Jan 2019, the day Mary Wambui was killed, Judy had gone to Kori’s house at Garden Estate and secretly taken photos of him without his knowledge.

The photo below was taken at around 11.15 am as Kori left home in his white 4×4 Lexus. It was retrieved from Judy’s mobile phone. At the time when the picture was taken, Kori was headed to Ngong for a business meeting.

mary wambui, cctv, judy wangui, murder, kori karue

Soon after he left, the two women left and visited TRM and later went to Homeland hotel for lunch. In the photo below, they are seen sharing a piece of meat at Homeland hotel

Car Hire operator, Michael Mathenge blackmailed

Judy had secretly visited Kori’s house in a hired car, a Toyota Allion (KCE 582k), which she had hired from Michael Mathenge, a business man who is also in custody in connection to Wambui’s murder

Michael Mathenge, the car hire operator who is currently in custody together with Kori Karue and Judy Wangui

From the CCTV footage, the two ladies are seen leaving Homeland hotel some minutes past 6 pm, and head straight to Judy Wangui’s home. The two women spent three hours at Judy’s residence. Its believed that a fight broke after Mary Wambui saw photos of her husband at Judy’s house. Police said that Wangui hit Wambui with a pressure cooker at least 9 times on the head causing fatal injuries.

Police also revealed that Wangui wrapped Wambui’s body with bedding and cut her hands with a sharp knife.

Later, after a series of events, Wangui called Mathenge, the car hire operator and blackmailed him in to disposing the body. She said that if he failed to help her dispose the body, she would scream and frame him for the murder. Mathenge told the police that he had no option but to help her carry the body downstairs in to the late Wambui’s Mercedes Benz

The two then drove to Juja and dumped the body at a dam near a place called courtesy beach. They then drove to Kwa Maiko in Githunguri and abandoned the Mercedes Benz before driving off in Mathenge’s Toyota Voxy back to Judy’s house in fourways at 5am.

Mary Wambui had sent a message to her husband, telling him she was in danger and needed help

Kori is said to have returned home from Ngong at around 10pm only to find the wife missing. With anger, he sent her a message and told her not to return home. “Have fun. Don’t come back!” the message read. It has also been revealed that Wambui had sent a message to Kori’s phone telling him that she was at Judy’s house and she needed help.

According to a statement from Kori, his attention was captured by reports on social media (Kilimani Mums facebook group), that a lifeless body of a woman had been found in Juja near courtesy beach. He was arrested when he visited the scene.

Using his phone, police officer lured Wambui and told her to meet them at Homeland hotel where she was also arrested .

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