How to Make money online in Kenya 2019

This article will cover some 11 awesome ways to make money online in Kenya 2019. They are not get rich quick scams but they are good if you are willing to work hard. 5 min

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How to Make money online in Kenya 2019 – Thousands upon thousands of articles have been written, detailing on how one can make money online in Kenya, but do these methods really work?

After carefully studying and even trying out some of the ways that people have claimed to make money online with, we have selected a few that will probably change your life

Please note that these are not get rich quick scams (which most Kenyans are very fond of). You have to actually work hard if you want to make some decent Ksh online

Please also note that if you really want to make money online in Kenya, keep away from those MMM (Multi Level Marketing) schemes. You will waste a lot of time and make absolutely nothing while making another clever businessman rich

Niche blogging

I decided to start with this because (I think) its the easiest to do and requires the least amount of capital. You can make big money online in Kenya buy just writing blog articles for a specific niche

What is niche blogging ? This is the art of creating a blog with the intent of writing articles related to a particular niche.

For example, you can start a blog where you write articles about healthy living, inspirational stories e.t.c. In this blog of yours, you wont get carried away and start writing about current affairs and car spare parts. Stick to healthy living and write informative and helpful articles about that topic. This article will tell you anything else you need to know about niche blogging

But how will I make money online by starting a niche blog??

Simple! When you start a niche blog, and add numerous helpful articles, you eventually start getting some traffic on your blog (traffic means people visiting your blog and reading your articles).

The best way of monetizing your articles (making money from your articles), if by placing google adverts in them. You do this by applying for the Google Adsense program, that lets you place google ads in your blog

After getting the ads on your blog, you get paid by Google every time someone clicks on the advert. Actually Google pays you even when people view the ads without clicking on them.

If you are good at writing, think about a niche you are comfortable with, fire up a blog and start writing. If you need any help, just leave a comment below and I will answer all your questions

How to Make money online in Kenya by Playing video games

Yes! You heard that right! You can make money online in Kenya by playing video games. This may seem like a hoax but its actually a new thing that young people are doing all over the world and making millions of shillings

Are you serious!? How do I make money online by just sitting and playing video games?

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. This phrase probably never made sense to gamers for a long time. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you just sat on your chair playing video games (on a computer, PlayStation, Xbox or mobile phone) and make some money while doing what you love most?

Here is how it works: While playing your games, broadcast them (live) on Facebook, Youtube or Twitch (Twich is a live streaming video platform that is dedicated to gaming videos only)

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This guy is one of the highest paid video game players on earth. His name is Ninja. He plays and live streams Fortnite on Twitch and makes an average of $560,000 per month- About Sh 56 Million. Business Insider

You probably won’t make as much as Nina above, but you get the point. Young kids are making fortunes doing what they like to do. Please do some more reading about gaming live streams. If you need any clarification, just leave a comment and I will try to answer it

Another way you can make money online in Kenya playing videos games is by registering for online gaming contests and tournaments. There are so many new platforms that are now offering game players an opportunity to participate in competitions.

Please note that you have to be VERY good in whatever game you choose – You only make money when you beat your competitors.

For your information, many countries are classifying Pro video gaming as a sporting activity like football or athletics. Young Kenyans who want to make money online should seriously consider video games

Make money online in Kenya through vlogging

This has been around for some time, but you probably didn’t know that people are actually making money out it.

What is Vlogging?

Simply put, vlogging involves making videos and distributing them online; either on your blog or posting them on other platforms like Youtube and Facebook. It uses the same concept as the Niche Blogging I mentioned above, but instead of writing articles, you make videos and post them online

How do I make money online by vlogging?

When you upload a video to Youtube or Facebook, you can actually monetize it very easily by tools that are provided on those platforms.

Do you ever ask yourself how people like Henry Desagu and others who are always posting videos on Youtube make a living? Now you have an idea. They earn a very good living by posting those videos that you love watching so much

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Henry Desagu – One of the most popular vloggers in Kenya.

Other ways of making a Ksh online

The three methods I mentioned above work for so many people and anyone can easily earn a living by trying out any of them. It just needs some hard work, passion and dedication.

There are ways of making money online in Kenya but some of them are too risky and a lot of money is involved. With others I believe that the Kenyan market is not yet ready for them and you might struggle a lot and waste time trying to make a living out of them.

Here is a list of other things that you can do to make some money online. You can do some research on them if you think the ones listed above are not good for you.

  • Freelancing – Academic writing, transcription, web development e.t.c
  • Kindle publishing – This involves writing ebooks and having them published on Amazon’s kindle. You make money when someone buys your books
  • Buying and selling domain names – Simply put, this is the art of buying domain names and reselling them (like you would do on a 50×100 piece of land). Some domain names are very valuable and you can buy and sell them a few years later for a lot of cash
  • Drop-shipping
  • Selling photos online – If you are a good photographer, you can take some nice shots and sell them on websites like Shutterstock . They have a nice platform that provides a marketplace for both buyers and sellers of photographs.
  • Crypto Currency trading  – These were low hanging fruits a few years ago. Some people made crazy money from year 2011- 2018. If you had invested Sh 10,000 in bitcoin in the year 2011 how much would that be worth now? Well, more than Sh 100 Million! Believe it or not. But that ship has sailed. No one will be making that kind of crazy money any more
  • Forex Trading – You can make money online by trading currencies. This needs a lot of financial discipline and maturity plus a good starting capital. You should only invest money in Forex IF you can afford to lose it. So, don’t go trading currencies with your school fees.
  • Sports betting – This is popular all over Kenya and most young people are doing it. But if you have a long term and solid plan for making money online, this will probably do you more harm than good.

If you think I have left out some methods of making money online, just add them in the comments section and help another Kenyan out.


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