Fresh Details of Mary Wambui’s murder have emerged

The house help of the main suspect, Judy Mungai, has confessed to the police how she was forced to clean up blood left behind after Wambui was murdered 1 min

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Investigations in to the gruesome murder of Mary Wambui Kamangara, who was hit by a pressure cooker nine times, have further implicated Judy Wangui.

The probe which has been taken over by homicide detectives from the Directorate if Criminal Investigation headquarters reveal that Judy Mungai forced her house-help to clean up blood stains left on the floor of her Fourways Junction apartment which has since been marked as a crime scene

Detectives have also revealed that Judy Wangui’s house help confessed to the police that Joseph Kori, Wambui’s husband, was not at the scene when the murder was committed. Her statement contradicted a previous one recorded by Judy, where she claimed that Kori hit his wife repeatedly on the head using the butt of his pistol and paid her Sh 2m to keep quiet.

The house help’s confession has become the second piece of evidence that directly points a finger at Judy Mungai as the person who may have killed Mary Wambui.

Another statement came from Michael Mathenge, a taxi operator who is believed to have conspired with Judy to hide evidence of her actions. Mathenge told investigating officers that Judy blackmailed him in to accepting to dispose off the body. He has since made an application to be treated as a state witness after leading the police to a thicket in Ruiru where they dumped the bedding used to wrap Wambui’s dead body

Though the police found several items at the scene where Michael took them, the pressure cooker could not be found.

Joseph Kori, Judy Mungai and Michael Mathenge are still in custody. They will appear in court and know their fate on Wednesday 13th


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