Garbage collector with gun arrested in Mukuru

Garbage collector with gun arrested in Mukuru - Police have arrested a garbage collector whose photos were circulating online after he was seen concealing gun while going about his garbage business 1 min

garbage collector with gun, pipeline, mukuru

Photos of garbage collector with gun were shared numerous times on social media

Early Friday morning, photos of a garbage collector who was seen with a gun (pistol) concealed in his trousers were shared on social media. Some people argued that he was an undercover detective looking for evidence in the trash.

He’s not a garbage collector, he’s a private investigator this how people gather information without being suspected probably ametumwa na serakali or he’s working for someone .. gathering some information or investigating something,” said one Kenyan on social media

In the photo below, them garbage man is seen scavenging through trash, totally unaware that he is not hiding his gun at all.

garbage collector with gun, pipeline, mukuru

Later in the day, the Director of Criminal Investigations, George Kinoti, reported that the garbage collector photographed above with a concealed gun in his waist had been arrested. The DCI said that he will be charged accordingly as per the law. Being in possession of an unlicensed gun can attract a jail term of not less than seven years.

Authorities confirmed that the garbage collector who was identified as Alex Maina was arrested together with his accomplice, James Kirucha.

garbage collector with gun, pipeline, mukuru

The two have been accused of belonging to a gang that terrorizes residents of Mukuru Kwa Ruben, Mukuru Kwa Njenga and Pipeline slums in Embakasi.


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