5 Things you probably don’t know about Diana Marua

Here are some five things that you probably don't know about Diana Marua - the wife of gospel artist Bahati- Diana Marua Biography2 min

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Diana Marua is a mother and the wife of a celebrated gospel artist; Kevin Kioko AKA Bahati. She has a Diploma certificate in Information Technology and a Diploma certificate in marketing and communication at KCA and St. Pauls Universities respectively.

Here are a few things about her that you probably don’t know (yet):

Diana Marua dated a former KTN sports anchor

Diana Marua likes to hook up with people who are in the limelight, evidently from her past relationship and her new marriage with Bahati. she dated former KTN sports anchor, Nick Mudimba.

This was the longest relationship that she has been in. The relationship lasted four years (2012 to 2015.) The two had been cohabiting before their relationship came to an end. she dated several people after that and later settled with Bahati.

Diana and Bahati met on Facebook

During an interview heard by Classic 105, and the trend on NTV, Bahati and Diana Marua opened up on how they met and who approached the other first. Diana admitted that their relationship with bahati started when she ‘liked’ his photos on facebook.

“Our first encounter was a day before the ‘Mapenzi’ video shoot, I first liked his photos on social media and I double tapped.

He also double tapped on two of my photos and that’s how we started.
Later after the double tapping incident someone called me asking if I wanted to be in a gospel video shoot I did actually did not know it was Bahati’s video, I said yes.”

The couple also opened up on what attracted them to each other with Diana saying that Bahati’s joking nature is what attracted him to her.

“To be frank he is a joker but he is the person I chose, he was a joker even before and that is one thing I loved about him,” said Diana

Bahati’s wife Diana Marua and his baby mama Yvette Obura have never met.

Speaking to a Star newspaper reporter in December, 2018, Diana admitted that she don’t talk to Bahati’s baby mama. “We don’t know each other because she was in a relationship with Bahati and when I came in, she was not in his life,” she said.

“Her daughter comes home at least once a week. She is innocent and she doesn’t have to be involved in all what people are saying.”

Bahati admits that he also had a past, despite being a gospel artiste. “I like to be open because I want to inspire other people. Being a gospel artiste does not mean I don’t have a past. Everyone has a past and it was puppy love,” Bahati said during the interview.

Diana Marua is older than Bahati.

Diana Marua has on several occasions opened up about being trolled for dating Bahati, who is two years younger than her.

Speaking to Massawe Jappani of Radio Jambo, Diana explained that she used to get offended when people referred to her as Bahati’s aunty but she is used to it now.

“I am only 2 years older than Bahati. In the beginning, it used to get to me but what matters right now is how he takes care of me. He makes me comfortable. He is the head of the house regardless of my age, I respect that boundary. I respect him as a husband,” she explained.

In an earlier interview with Viusasa, Bahati disclosed that all he wanted was to date somebody older and mature as they are easier to handle

Diana Marua’s Family

Diana Marua is from a well-known family as her father Joseph Omach is a leading cancer advocate fighting against stigma for cancer patients. Diana’s father is the founder of childhood cancer initiative which is a non-governmental organization since 2009.

The main aim of the organisation is to reduce the burden of childhood cancer in Kenya by providing patient care support for those who are needy